Salutary scenery sense

You are a pool of moon water In your glow and feel my senses submerge. Soothing is the gentle air made wind Which bathes my brow as the Swan spreads her wings Bringing to sight her breast’s whiteness. That breeze of healing carries your being to me. Apollonian beauty Singing to my psyche… You are- […]

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Commentary on “Richard de Zoysa (13.03.1958 – 18.02.1990)”

Richard de Zoysa (13.03.1958 – 18.02.1990) A viewer’s voice from that evening at ‘Punchi Theatre’. The name of the commemorated and his life span in parenthesis made up an unusual title of the show that went on the boards on Thursday 18th  February at Namel and Malini Punchi theatre in Borella. That is providing I […]

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Stringing letters, lacing sentences, texturing images, weaves a tapestry of texts…. A blend of what textually can be patterned to interweave as threading of variety which differ in form but based on a common rudiment…a sense of the aesthetic through writings of creativity…a facet of scholarliness through literary commentary and analysis…a space of self exploration through ponderings that translate to texts…

Author in a nutshell (of nutshells)

I’m Dilshan Boange, a student of Wesley College Colombo, a student of letters from the University of Colombo’s Department of English, co-host of ‘Bonsoir ‘from Jan 2005 – Aug 2008, a commercially unpublished writer, an aspiring author…