Dinner with the Devil

I could see my acceptance of his invitation gave him delight. But the speciousness of his smile that greeted me was not hid.

“How good of you to come” with an outstretched hand my host made an offering of a seat. I had heard the saying- if you sup with the Devil you dine to the death. And on this night of foul nor fair weather I was about to test it and prove myself bold or foolish. The prince of darkness held me in a magnetic gaze that I broke away by uttering the first words in our conversation of enlightenment, or endarkenment, which ever may prevail.

“What should we talk about?”

The Devil smiled placidly and replied in the soft manner of a host epitomizing impeccable gentlemanliness.

“What ever you wish, you are my guest. The evening is yours”

I studied his persona, realizing a presence kindling somehow in my psyche.

“Where are your horns?” I asked, foolishly unthinking of the impudence of such impulsive words. I made an adage immediately in hope of recovering the standing of a courteous guest. “If I may ask such a thing, powerful prince”

He smiled in amusement with not the slightest indication of annoyance or taking offence.

“My horns, the fiery red skin, hoof footed limbs, spear tipped tail are the makings of your kind. I do not ascribe to such hideous persona.”

Our conversation had begun. “Shall we tall of truths and misconceptions?” Lucifer brought his hands together under his chin. I made no hesitation in assenting.

“If my sentiment, disposition, on physical design was to be named, it would be…beauty. You see me all around you in your world, but fail to recognize its creator. Some do, and embrace it others never admit it.” He smiled in a slight sadness of an unappreciated artist.

“ ‘Give the devil his due’ your kind has a saying don’t they? Anyway, let’s not stray. The misconception of my appearance is a lie perpetuated by my opponents. The truth is quite the contrary, I revel in the beauteous. Study the pictures on publicity material that declare certain goods of pleasure, like scented waters… ‘perfume,’ you call it don’t you?” he grinned somewhat less innocuously than before.

“The face of darkness is beauty. Magnetic, alluring, irresistible and pleasurable. Look closer the next time you see such portrayals of sensuousness carved in a still moment of delicate beauty. Study me, do I appear undesirable?”

I spread my gaze to the whole of my host’s countenance. Silky black hair swept over an ivory skinned face, whose sculpted shape and features made up a male beauty incomparable in its striking attractiveness and mystical allure.

“God is a wrinkled old man with a great gray beard, while I am a being of eternal youth and beauty. Yet your kind repudiates me with false accusations of abomination and unsightliness. Your kind believes ambition in a man as an admirable trait. Yet my encouragement is disdained as avarice.”

He leaned forward gently and lowered his voice to sotto voce.

“Let me make you privy to a certain truth, mighty kind Jehovah does not approve of ambition.”  He then withdrew back against his chair.

“Mighty Jehovah wants only your worship and contentment. He does not approve of all your conceptions of freedoms. ‘Control’ is his pleasure. Laws are his creations to shackle you from breaching his will. And yet that most unloved word called ‘evil’ is attributed to my doings”

He sighed, but the wind he exhaled has no effect on the flame on the candle by the side at his end of the table.

“Ah, our meal is ready” he turned his face to the right and then to me with a smile.

“I hope you will find the preparations enjoyable. If I may be bold enough to say, even, exquisite!”

A complete layout of silver cutlery materialized as a lasciviously desirable woman laid out a sumptuous feast for two. With a decorous curtsey she bade her master and I his guest, an enjoyable meal, and retreated to the thick darkness surrounding us.

A manservant stepped out from the opaque blackness and served me an item of food from a dish on the table.

“Avarice, seasoned with the herbs of gluttony” my host announced in introduction.

“A delightful entrée” he smiled. “The main course is Ego garnished with the elixirs of immortality. And for dessert a culinary creation of my own, called crème de vanity”

I inhaled the aroma from the meal before me as it scented the air. The prince of Darkness offered me a glass of wine poured by his own hand.

“Its wine” he said repeating his infectious smile. He saw my hesitation in accepting it.

“Don’t let the uncommonness of the redness make you suspicious. Its not blood” he said.

“Of either the Christ or mine” we both shared a decorous laugh in keeping with the degree of etiquette set by us.

Picking up the silver made fork and knife to commence our meal the prince of Darkness paused for a moment and asked “Do you wish to say grace?” the Devil wasn’t without  a sense of humour, I thought as I laughed at the irony of his words.

“God forsakes his servants, or children, as he calls them. His own son was forsaken while lamenting on the cross” a look of disapproval came on my host’s face as he spoke.

“But,” he looked at me with a gaze of honour and spoke in a tone of making an unbreakable promise. “If ever you should need me, my strength, to overcome adversity and taste the sweetness of glorious triumph…at any time at all, just call on me”

Quite suddenly I remembered that proverbial saying again. I was about to dine but there was no impending sign of death. Reflecting on my train of thought throughout the conversation had with my host, I realised that the ‘death’ meant in not the physical death of the person but the being of goodness in him.

“How do I do that mighty Prince?” I asked with raised eyebrows of query “What do I utter?”

A cold subtle wind flowed in between us that became, in a clear whisper, his voice.

Empower me Lucifer

We raised our crystal goblets of bloodiness to each other.

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