Her breath sweeps over his shoulders like a frail breeze against the might of a stony mountain.

Her breath sweeps over his shoulders like a frail breeze against the might of a stony mountain. It is a desperate beseecher, her sighful exhale. A shapeless messenger with little life time to meet its destination. Him. His feel. That field of smoothness; his skin.  The living desert of feeling he touch had sailed an unrestricted lover. But today her vessel’s amiss. In its stead is a stump of pathos. An amputated arm. A saga of woe.

What ever non physical reach she makes to him, a sigh, a whisper, a hum or whimper is a gust of wind across a barren Sahara. It dies without being felt by the living.

Between them lies only a breath stream’s distance. But it has become a gorge, an unconquerable divide. Across this still valley is a world she loves, longs for. Him.

His covering is a geography of a most loveable kind. Slopes, mountains, ridges, plateaux, crevasses, plains of altering altitude and forests.  The lands of variant foliage have no wanderers passing through. No fingers of hers play blindly in the thickness of the Bavarian black forest. Many a terrain later, comes ground much thinly scattered in its forestage. And then there is the secretive country. Nestled in a valley of warmth, shrouded in dense shrubbery, it holds a privacy almost sacred. But her travelers had never been denied admission. Those emissaries were after all from a world he had loved.

But now they lay as two distant planets static in their separate orbits. Gravitation is only one sided, she sees. And many a difference has arisen. She is physically marred. A world impaired. He will play dumb to such unpalatable prospects.

She squints at his back. A surface she knows very detailed. A smooth desert of skin she had caravanned on countless times. A beach she could call her favourite. Even though it didn’t kiss Neptune’s domain.

This world she needs will not admit her. Her geographic traits grow new additions. They will flow down from her eyes and seek to flood the gorge. Her beloved beach will then know the taste of a salty sea’s kiss.


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