Conte Partiro

Alight O’ serene one,

From your field of light and colour that is the eternal sky.

To the moment that be blessed timeless and unbound in the world of mortality.

Thine be the beauty that the winds praise of  

With its gentle music that pervades amidst the soft foliage

Which glistens around thy majestic seat of water.

Descend fairest maiden from forms of a dream,

Through the gentle breeze that longs for your feel

To the Earth that yearns to hold you.

This your final moment here shall last in the senses of all that bear witness.

Each touch is a meeting of worlds.

And this you’re departing poem…a verse in graceful movement

To rest in the hearts of all that watches in unspoken sadness.

The hour now approaches immaculate maiden of celestial birth.

You ascend once more to your cradle,

Kindling memories of this graceful sight now a bidding of adieu.

You have ascended once more,

In a final sight of graceful flight.

You fly to your nuptials destined.

Your union of souls be blessed by both Heaven and Earth.

Mine voices will from now hold their silence;

Watching the hues of a thousand sunsets

Abloom the sky in bouquets of tribute and dearness,

To you.


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