Author in a nutshell (of nutshells) 

I’m Dilshan Boange, a student of Wesley College Colombo, a student of letters from the University of Colombo’s Department of English, co-host of ‘Bonsoir ‘from Jan 2005 – Aug 2008, a commercially unpublished writer, an aspiring author… 

Author – To be a bit more detailed… 

My exposure to the world of English literature takes a generational span. Quotes from Shakespeare to Shaw, or Shelley and Keats or Wordsworth tinged the conversational flows from grand parental and parental voices from my youngest days…but of course how the depth of each such literary gem could be gauged has over the years taken new angles I believe. 

Switching from ‘Logic’ to ‘English’ was without a doubt the best decision I made in respect of my A/L studies, while at Wesley.  My two other subjects were Geography and Economics. But there are several who will assure you (from experience) that I am not the best person to rely on for road directions, and numbers and graphs and I do not make much logic between us! 

College life was without a doubt the best stage of my life, when the world was a much different place. Shakespeare drama, debating (both Sinhala as well as English), activities in the Buddhist society, and ‘Interact’ made up a significant part of the landscape of my life at Wesley, with Prefectship as the crowning jewel!   

University life was quite something else. It was a whole new experience altogether and certainly impacted my societal outlook; something I’ve mentioned to several people including one of my favourite master from Wesley. Though class room education on ‘conflict resolution’ gave provided perspective when reading for the Diploma and subsequently the Higher Diploma in International Relations at BCIS, (oh yeah, there was a back log of little over two years to start Campus!) the real experience based ‘learning’ came in the course of campus life! Oh what stories there are! Goes without saying it was a whole world of experience…it showed how in a common space of things there could be vast contrasts of ideas and actions that shapes experience…the beautiful and the bestial.   

Something that ran alongside my first three years at varsity was my employment at Bonsoir as the male host of the show. I got contracted to the position after sending in my CV in reply to the advert that was in the paper. Started working in December 2004 (Campus started in January 2005) and went on till August 2008. And it was truly a great opportunity of learning and experiencing things that are otherwise not the most likely to come along your way. White water rafting, Jet-skiing, picking strawberries in a strawberry grove in Nuwara Eliya, watching overseas musicians perform, savouring the confectionary delights in the pastry kitchen of the Colombo Hilton, visiting heritage sites, observing artisans in their workshops and getting paid in the course of doing it all was a deal that just couldn’t get any better I suppose…and oh yes, Barnes Place (where the Bonsoir office is located) was just a short bus ride from Campus. (Minimum fare) 

My final year dissertation was a study of Michael Ondaatje’s lyricism in Coming Through Slaughter and The English Patient, the reason for the selections was that the first being the work that marked Ondaatje’s arrival as a novelist and the latter being the work that made him a world renown author when it won him the Booker prize.  It was a study of form I would say as opposed to the politics, ideology and cultural aspects of a novel.  I believe it will benefit academics related to English from a point of studying an author’s craft of giving lyrical style and form to a novel, especially those who focus on modern literature. And for those who are interested in creative writing it can provide a map of how Michael Ondaatje has formed his novels with elements that create lyrical qualities in the selected novels, through which a writer can devise structures, formats to produce novels that present lyricism. I am presently (actually for the past 4 months or so) trying to work out how my study, titled “Stroking Lyrical Bodies” could be published. Any suggestions, assistance that could be given in this regard are greatly appreciated.         

One thing I told myself when I started campus was that I’m not going to be just another ‘Graduate in English’…meaning I want to take some initiative(s) that will contribute to the furtherance of English literary studies and interests in the larger Sri Lankan context… one thing I’ve that seems in my opinion is that there is a notable lacuna in Sri Lanka in respect of not having a single course in Creative Writing, whereas in the west there are MFAs (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing. I hope that I shall be able to contribute in time towards institutionally developing a programme to fill this lacuna. 

My writings are not commercially published, the only level of ‘being published’ I have achieved thus far is my articles that have appeared in the Daily News.  I personally hesitate to call them pieces of ‘literary criticism’. ‘Commentary and analysis’ is the tag I use, hope it’s a valid one!, and are websites where I’ve posted my short stories and poems. 

So let me thank you for taking the time to visit Textual Tapestry. In this day and age when ‘Time is’ many things, like – ‘…money’ ‘…of the essence’ ‘…crucial’. So thanks for taking the time. Your thoughts, opinions & perspectives, criticisms, suggestions, are most appreciated as you too thus further weave this tapestry…        

Photo by Dilshan Boange


  1. Nice work my friend… You are amply talented and gifted even to surpass the ideals that you are aspiring to be. Keep it up ! I wish you all success in your endeavor.

    1. Machnag Kassa!! Thanks very much brother:-) you’re words are very encouraging. Thanks so much for taking a look at the blog, and sharing your thoughts…and your sincere wishes 🙂

  2. So I’m finally here.. My work does not allow me to read ‘deep’ and that kinda held me back a while, cuz as I recalled the last time I read a couple of your short stories, they were ‘deep’ and I hope you remember I told you I loved them! 😀

    Reading your ‘Author’ page, I’m thinking.. there’s this book I want you to read hehe.. Cuz I wanna see you write a novel. Have you ever given it a thought….? You should.

    1. Well, I’m really glad you could find some time to do some reading in the blog 🙂 your kind compliments are very encouraging Indu, thanks and I must mention with thanks that it was you who first got me making web posts of my writings…”write clique” remember? back in the day when we were at Bonsoir? 🙂

      …hmmm about the novel you want me to read..what is it exactly? and about novel writing…i have a confession to make. During my limbo time of (after College prior Varsity) two years…that was before i started at Bonsoir too…i wrote a novel!! it took me a little over two years actually and now I’m in the process of typing up the manuscript…slow work, but typing the 13th Chapter so far…21 altogehter.

      Considering how i was 21 at the time i finished it, and not an udergrad in English it clearly shows a different mindset at crafting a story…but I wont start on a new one until this one has seen the light of day, or the printing press rather!

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Stringing letters, lacing sentences, texturing images, weaves a tapestry of texts…. A blend of what textually can be patterned to interweave as threading of variety which differ in form but based on a common rudiment…a sense of the aesthetic through writings of creativity…a facet of scholarliness through literary commentary and analysis…a space of self exploration through ponderings that translate to texts…

Author in a nutshell (of nutshells)

I’m Dilshan Boange, a student of Wesley College Colombo, a student of letters from the University of Colombo’s Department of English, co-host of ‘Bonsoir ‘from Jan 2005 – Aug 2008, a commercially unpublished writer, an aspiring author…

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